Each session is divinely guided and a completely unique experience.  Whatever energies are needed for you during your healing will come through, and go exactly where they are needed most.  I work with adults, children and pets and my work is done at a distance.  The healing is always intuitive and guided with love.

It would be my honor to assist you in your journey.
Blessings,  Nathalie

My healing sessions include finding the source of energy blockages, balancing chakras, repairing tears and cords in your aura, clearing spiritual attachments, soul retrieval, releasing unresolved past life trauma, etc.. 

This may help you feel lighter, freer, more vibrant, connected to your higher self and aligned with your soul mission. I may also receive guidance and answers to your questions about life purpose, career, love, happiness, or any topic.

Healing Sessions

I am an Intuitive Energy Healer and Spiritual Coach. 

I have studied and practice many different energy healing techniques. Using a combination of Innerwise, Holographic Sound, Quantum Touch and other healing energies as well as guidance from your angels, guides and higher self, I may help you release emotional and physical issues you struggle with.

Nathalie Laforest

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