How does a Distance Healing session work?

1) First, you submit a Client Information Form (under the Contact section).  Be as detailed as possible.

2) Then, I do the session: I will tap in to your energy, provide a complete energy balancing, get guidance on your questions,

     do emotional trauma healing as necessary, etc.

3) Finally, once completed, we will agree on a time to talk and I will provide you with a full report of the session by phone.  

     Our conversation will be recorded and you will get a link to the recording afterwards.

Soul Realigment

A session will allow you to discover who you are at the soul level, understand how present-life circumstances are created through past choices, unblock the restrictions that are keeping you from accessing your divine gifts and clear the energetic imprints you carry from previous lifetimes.

Sessions last 2 hours or longer.  ​$150 per session

Quick Check In - Existing Clients

Sessions last 30 minutes

$30 per session

Energy Healing - Existing Clients

Sessions last 1 hour or longer

$60 per session

Energy Healing - New Clients

Sessions last 1 hour and a half or longer

$90 per session

​Rates and Appointments

Muscle Testing

I will muscle test nutritional supplements and anything else you would like me to test.
$30 per session

Home/Property Energy Clearing and Blessing

Transform the energy of your home!

A session will help find and clear entity attachments, earthbound spirits, portals, negative thought forms, land assignment and more.

$50 per session


Nathalie Laforest

Energy Healing for You

Appointments available worldwide

Via phone through distance healing.  


Energy Healing a natural method of energy balancing, but is not meant as a substitute for medical, or psychological, diagnosis and treatment. Energy Healing practitioners do not diagnose conditions, nor do they perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.  Energy therapy or any other natural healing therapy should not compete with medical doctors and their treatments.