There are so many wonderful books out there about Healing.  Here are some of my favorite...

Uwe Albrecht, MD: A Course in Healing. Energy Medicine for Everyone (2014)​ ​

Tami Duncan:  Vibrational Healing for Autism:  AKA Awesome Kids! (2015) 

Richard Gordon: Quantum Touch: The power to heal (2006) 

Lynn McGonagill: The Lightworkers Healing Method (2012) 

Nick Ortner: The Tapping Solution 


Barbara Stone: Transforming Fear into Gold (2012)

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Environmental Chemicals

Medical Medium

The Tapping Solution

​​​Recommended Books

Any book from Anthony William such as:  Medical Medium:  Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal  (2015)​

Any book from Barbara Hardie such as:  Creating Heaven on Earth:  A Guide to Personal Ascension (2016)

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