Nathalie Laforest

Your session may include many of the following modalities:

Energy Healing for You


  • Soul Realignment:  Accesses the Akashic Records because they contain our entire Soul’s history. There are three main reasons for accessing the Records:
    Soul Profile:  Discover more information about the nature of our Soul. We look at where the Soul originates, what energies it is designed to work with in particular, and what specialties it has focused on. All of this information gives us a comprehensive overview of our Soul Purpose for this lifetime and lets us tune into our own Divine nature.
    Blocks and Restrictions:  We also access the Akashic Records so that we can understand what choices we made (present or past lives) that may be negatively affecting us to this day. We call the energetic consequences of these choices “negative blocks and restrictions.” They literally block and restrict us from accessing our Divine Gifts, and living our purpose.
    Clearing:  When we have conscious understanding of these then we can also energetically clear the blocks and restrictions that are preventing us from accessing our own Divinity within the Akashic Records.


  • Innerwise:  Uwe Albrecht MD developed a system working with frequencies, words and symbols so that we can create a flow and harmonize our lives.  Innerwise has its own intelligence using therapy and coaching methods.  What is Innerwise good for?  It can be used on people, situations, relationships, projects, businesses, office, space, homes... everything!

  • Holographic Sound Healing: This is the art of creating and using sound, multidimensionally. Holographic Sound is a merging of sound/music vibration with a spherically infinite, multidimensional energy, bringing sound to its true and natural state of being. We create through and with vibration and when there is vibration there is sound, when there is sound there is vibration. The human body resonates to vibration, to various tones. Certain tones represent perfect health or balance. When our body is in dis-ease, we are literally out of tune, or vibrating off key. Disharmony can manifest mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Through the use of sound healing and/or balancing, we can shift the vibration of the disharmonious area to bring it back into harmony.

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)/Tapping:  EFT, otherwise known as Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a type of Meridian Tapping that combines ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology with startling results.  From pain relief, to healing childhood traumas, to clearing limiting financial beliefs, to weight loss, body image and food cravings, to fears and phobias, Tapping is proving to be a powerful, well-researched and easy to learn and apply technique.  Tapping utilizes the body’s energy meridian points by stimulating them with your fingertips – literally tapping into your body’s own energy and healing power.

  • Lightworkers Healing Method:  The Lightworkers Healing Method® is a system of Angelically guided energy healing and a powerful spiritual growth vehicle with the exceptional goal of aligning us with our own soul's life purpose. It improves the present by working with higher-dimension Guides, Angels, and Lightbeings as well as both our past and future lives in a unique and powerful process. It can improve any aspect of life: physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional.

  • Quantum Techniques:  QT is a powerful cousin of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).  It’s specialty is chronic health issues and chronic pain that do not respond to other traditional and non-traditional treatments.  By teaching clients and other health practitioners to muscle test and scan the energy field, QT can help to ensure 100% of the information and 100% of the internal cooperation is available for the client’s healing.  QT specializes in helping you to enhance your current level of physical, relational, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness.  QT uses advanced scanning methods to remotely scan the body’s energy field.

  • Soul Detective:  The Soul Detective™ approach to solving emotional problems includes the unseen realm of Spirit—past life trauma, earthbound spirit attachments, curses and hexes, ancestral wounds, soul loss, ET implants, and various forms of detrimental energy.  Dr. Stone’s step-by-step protocols to work with these topics gather information with muscle testing to get to the origin of the issue, the “invisible root,” and then use meridian and chakra techniques based on newly emerging energy-based psychotherapy and self-help methods with the goal of rapidly desensitizing the emotional turmoil and restoring proper energy flow.

  • Shamanism:  Shaman practitioner's communicate with the spirit world, seeing, hearing and feeling the messages from the spirit beings, who communicate in metaphors.  Research has found that shamanism is the oldest healing method used possibly originating from as long as 40,000 years ago.  Shaman means 'the one who knows'. Shaman Practitioners go on 'journeys' and connect with transcended, enlightened, compassionate, loving, wise, all knowing spirits. 

  • Reiki, Quantum Touch, Garcia Innergetics, and more...